Side Dish

  • Tomato and Cucumber Salad

    January 2, 2021Jenna

    Tomato and Cucumber salad is my favorite weeknight salad recipe. This salad is popular across many Russian/Ukranian households. My grandmother loves to add sour cream, to give it a creamy texture. I, however, have a lactose intolerant husband, so I use olive oil instead. You really can’t mess up this recipe, it’s simple, quick, and healthy. In the beginning of the pandemic my husband went full Martha Stewart. Gardening, canning, pickling, fermenting, he did it all. It was very impressive, and definitely kept him occupied. As a result, we now have a thriving vegetable garden. We’re going on month 8…

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  • Smoked Salmon Puff Pastry

    December 28, 2020Jenna

    Smoked salmon puff pastry is the perfect brunch item. Breakfast at my house always includes smoked salmon and cream cheese. My grandfather prefers his with anchovies and my grandmother will always pick the salmon. This brunch item has been one of my go-tos for years. Who doesn’t love a good puff pastry? They are the perfect blank canvas that can become either sweet or savory. This recipe does not disappoint, and will be your go to brunch appetizer from now on. I am no puff pastry master so I went with the pre made Pepperidge Farm puff pastry sheets. I…

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  • How to Cook Buckwheat (Kasha)

    December 20, 2020Jenna

    Buckwheat, also known as Kasha, is a delicious superfood that can be a great substitute for rice or quinoa. Despite the name, it is not related to wheat, it is actually a fruit seed that is related to rhubarb. That’s right, it’s actually gluten-free. Buckwheat is the perfect health food option because it contains a great source antioxidants and fiber. It is a versatile constant in Russian cuisine, and compliments any dish. I grew up eating a bowl of buckwehat and milk for breakfast, a poor man’s cereal, some would call it. Buckwheat is similar to rice, in that everyone…

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  • Olivye (Russian Potato Salad)

    December 10, 2020Jenna

    Olivye, also known as Russian potato salad, is a classic dish for any holiday, or special occasion. In my household this dish does not last long, and my grandma is quick to whip it up anytime I come over. Olivye is a Russian/Ukrainian twist on potato salad, and is incredibly easy to make. Most of the work is in the prep, but once you’ve done it a few times, it will be a breeze. Each family has their version for this recipe. But the main ingredients include: potatoes, eggs, pickles, carrots, peas, and kielbasa. My grandma would tell you that…

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  • Russian Sauerkraut

    December 8, 2020Jenna

    Sauerkraut is a staple dish in any Russian household. My grandmother will constantly remind you of what a great probiotic it is, and that your gut will thank you. Sauerkraut is made through the process of lacto-fermentation, a process that has been around longer than my grandmother’s grandmother. The fermentation process transforms the bacteria on the cabbage into a healthy probiotic, and produces a delightfully pickled sauerkraut. This recipe is incredibly easy to make, my grandmother says you only need to make it once to know the recipe for life. It requires very little equipment, four ingredients, and a little…

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