• Blinchiki (Russian Crepes)

    December 13, 2020Jenna

    The best mornings start with a fresh stack of Blinchiki’s also known as Russian crepes. Growing up, this was my go-to breakfast item and I would gladly devour a stack all to myself. My grandmother insists that crepes must be eaten fresh, and smothered with strawberry jam and sour cream. The authentic Russian way includes a hot cup of black tea with a splash of half and half. It doesn’t get better than that. Russian crepes are essentially thin pancakes. Traditionally, you serve them as a breakfast item, stuffed with jam, cottage cheese, sour cream, or a variety of other…

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  • Russian Sauerkraut

    December 8, 2020Jenna

    Sauerkraut is a staple dish in any Russian household. My grandmother will constantly remind you of what a great probiotic it is, and that your gut will thank you. Sauerkraut is made through the process of lacto-fermentation, a process that has been around longer than my grandmother’s grandmother. The fermentation process transforms the bacteria on the cabbage into a healthy probiotic, and produces a delightfully pickled sauerkraut. This recipe is incredibly easy to make, my grandmother says you only need to make it once to know the recipe for life. It requires very little equipment, four ingredients, and a little…

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